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Includes selection of King Island Cheese, Red Currant Baked Ham, Meats, Fruit, Crackers & Dinner Rolls

Small      $300 + GST
Large      $500 + GST


COST $100 + GST

Parmesan & Herb Encrusted Chicken served with Tarragon Aioli (approx 50 pieces)
Selection of Dips & Vegetable Crudités
Arancini with Roast Pine Nut, Olive, Oregano & Tomato, Caper Sauce (V) (approx 80 balls)
Spicy Pork Balls served with Chilli, Lemongrass and Coconut Sauce (GF) (R) (approx 50 balls)
Peking Duck Pancakes with Shallot, Coriander & Hoisin (approx 45 pancakes)
Selection of Chicken & Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls served with Mint & Sweet Chilli (GF) (approx 35 pieces)
Handmade Tarts of Spanish Chorizo with Fresh Apple, Tomato & Coriander Handmade Tarts of Persian Fetta, Caramelised Onion and Rosemary (V) (approx 40 tarts)
Handmade Tarts of Roast Pumpkin, Pine nut & Gruyere (V) (approx 40 tarts)
Sushi Platter (GF) (approx 50 pieces)
Vegetable Frittata with Zucchini, Capsicum, Mushroom & Ricotta (GF) (V) (approx 40 pieces)
Meatballs with tomato, oregano & parmesan (GF) (R) (approx 50 balls)
Rolls of Herbed Chicken Schnitzel with caramelised onion & roasted capsicum (approx 20 rolls)

Selection of GOURMET SANDWICHES (48 triangles) $120 + GST


Cost $150 + GST per item

Hot Smoked Salmon with Fennel and Dill Creme Fraiche (GF)
Red Currant Baked Ham studded with Cloves, served with Condiments (approx 5kg)

Cost $120 + GST per item

Herbed Chicken Schnitzels
Citrus Chicken, Fresh Grapes, Baby Spinach & Walnuts (GF)
Bolognese Beef Lasagna (R)
Coq Au Vin (R)
Osso Bucco (R)
Italian Meatballs served with Tomato, Bacon & Oregano (R)


Cost $100 + GST per platter

Cous Cous salad with Roast Pumpkin, Lemon & Mint (V)
Potato Salad with Capers & Cornichons
Quinoa Salad with Roasted Peppers, Zucchini & Orange (GF) (V)
Rice Salad with Roast Vegetables & Rocket (GF) (V)

Cost $90 + GST per platter

Roast Beetroot, Persian Fetta & Toasted Pine nut (GF) (V)
Greek Salad (GF) (V)
Green Garden Salad (GF) (V)
Grilled Asparagus with Crispy Prosciutto & Egg (GF)


Mini Danish Pastry (30) $ 90 + GST
Seasonal Fruit Platter (GF) $120 + GST
Selection of King Island Cheese served with fruit & crackers $120 + GST
Pistachio & Almond Baklava (30 pieces) $120 + GST
Mixed Dessert Platter (60 pieces) $200 + GST
Chocolate Brownies, Coconut Tea Cakes, Friands, Slices & Biscuits

GF    Gluten Free
V       Vegetarian
R       This item will be provided on disposable foil trays (needs to be reheated)


Conditions Apply 


Collection is from our Brookvale Kitchen

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